Ferguson Farmers Market, 1 week after the storm

One thing just about everyone looks forward to in Ferguson is the return of the farmers market. This year probably doubly so, because of the tornado and storm that ripped through North County last week.

We saw many friends and acquaintances, and my youngest brother even showed up! Many expressed their concern about our house and offered their help and support.

Since our yard and gardens are toast for a while, we didn’t load up on plants and perennials like we normally would at an early spring farmers market. We did buy some salsiccia, asparagus, and pastries.

Since Jonny was there, we took him to see the damage to our house, and he helped me grab a bunch of dirty laundry from the basement.

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  1. I’m glad you were able to get out and go to the market. At least the kids can see something that’s familiar (and still there). *smiles*

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