Our (temporary) new home

Friday and Saturday have been a blur. Most of our time has been spent packing and moving our stuff from my parents’ house (and our own) into a rental house in Woodson Terrace, just south of the airport.

(Keep reading to see a video)

The house has a great location, super close to a park, and easy access to I-70. It also has 3 bedrooms, a first for us. The insurance company’s people got it fully furnished. It even has two flat screens!

Yoli and I are tired. In addition to moving and working, Joseph is not letting us sleep lately. He is teething and wakes up screaming bloody murder and the won’t go back to sleep in his own bed, no matter how much he is rocked or nursed.

Hopefully being back in his own crib in this new place will work some wonders for him.

We also carved out some time to meet with our contractor to discuss renovations to our own, damaged house. Before demolition can begin in earnest, the city needs to have a set of plans from us. So we are hustling to get that underway. Yoli expressed her desire for as much consecutive counter space as possible, and we came up with some good ideas for how to achieve our various goals. Hopefully we’ll meet with the architect Monday and get things going.

Check out the girls as they visit the new digs for the first time:

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  1. How cute the girls were exploring their new home for the time being. Gee, 2 flat screens? That’s pretty generous from the insurance company to fully furnish the rental! Never did hear from you if the Kitchen Aid mixer still worked? LOL. We’re praying that Joseph sleeps a lot better and that you and Yoli can get some quality sleep to lessen that exhaustion. Love you!

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