Should be a busy week

Looks like many things are coming to a head this week.

Tomorrow our contractor will come out and begin demolition and cleanup at our house. Meanwhile, our insurance adjuster has nearly finished his estimate, so this week we should finally have some firm figures.

Also we have decided to move into a house in Woodson Terrace, just a stone’s throw from our friend Dave. Assuming all the paperwork goes through and there are no hitches, we could move in Thursday or Friday.

2 Replies to “Should be a busy week”

  1. I’m confused. Did they total the house? And are you just move temporarily until they rebuild/repair your old house?

  2. Nice to hear things are moving along! Busy is a good thing! I’ll be praying for you regarding your move into your temporary house, and that your house is restored to the fullest! God bless you all, give Yoli and the kids hugs from Grandma and me.

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