Joseph’s turn to get shaved

Wednesday we shaved Joseph’s head, following our family’s Bolivian tradition. We did it outside to avoid making a big mess in our rental home. Joseph was a pretty good sport about it and held his head fairly still. Keep reading to see a video.

If you’re not familiar, many Bolivians shave their children’s heads when the babies are around one year old. We have done this with all our kids, who until this point had each been girls. Over the years, some folks have given us a little bit of grief over shaving the girls, but they each have turned out to have beautiful heads of hair.

I doubt we’ll hear anything about Joseph, since a buzz cut is totally acceptable for boys in our society.

His hair cut is just in time for the summer heat.

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  1. Jamie would love it if I would buzz our boys’ heads! I went with the long-haired-hippy-child look until Liam was close to one. He has a “little boy hair cut” now but it’s still kind of shaggy. =)

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