Jadzia: The house is looking better

it is starting to look beter the house finaly is starting to get work done. woodson terce is nice they were haveing a party at the park.

the meuny is nice to i have a short story bit. ariel is the one who fights ursula and her father says he will stay one night to celabrate. my beauty and ehe beast clip is on joshren thingy

i don’t have anything else to talk about but thanks for reading about my audventures.

Jadzia Marie Renaud Josh RENAUD ENPIRER

(Jadzia is referring above to a short video “play” she made, which you can see here)

3 Replies to “Jadzia: The house is looking better”

  1. Jadzia, you have interesting ideas. Thank you for writing them down. I’m sure you will be a great storyteller.

  2. That was really a good story Jadzia! Thanks for filling us in on the happenings there!
    We love you,
    Grandma Renaud and Aunt Carol

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