Sick in San Antonio

As I mentioned in the previous entry, from the beginning of our Second Great Road Trip, I had been suffering a bit in my sinuses and chest. I chalked it up to allergies.

But the evening we got back to my Nan’s after visiting the ranch, I developed a high fever.

I went to a clinic in the morning. The doctor there was nice, but he told me it was probably viral.

My fever continued for another day and a half, and never went down. I called the clinic and they told me they’d let a doctor know and call me back.

I didn’t hear from them that evening. I figured the doctor was busy, or felt it was still just a viral thing.

Another day or two went by, and the fever was still there. So I went back to the clinic. When the doctor saw me, she said, “So you’ve been taking an antibiotic for a couple days now?”

“Uh, no,” I replied. “Nobody prescribed me an antibiotic.”

Turns out they had tried to call me back, but I never heard the phone ring. They left messages on my Google voicemail, but I hadn’t checked it. I realized later there had been a technical malfunction.

Oh well. She got me on antibiotics, and over the last few days of the trip, I began to feel much stronger.

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