The ranch

Last year my aunt Joyce invited us to visit the ranch she shares with her husband Ted and my cousin Dion. I have never really visited a ranch in Texas, so I thought this would be a cool opportunity, especially for the girls.

We made the pretty drive into the hill country to a little town called Kendalia. Uncle Ted and aunt Joyce met us there on their motorcycle and guided us the rest of the way to the ranch.

First we went for a ride around the ranch. Aunt Joyce pointed out all the features, including the invasive cedar trees that drink too much water in these days of drought. A large band of horses paid us a visit, and the girls of course loved that.

After we were back at the house, aunt Joyce took the girls to feed a horse kept in a pen nearby. Each girl got to take a turn holding out some feed and letting the horse nibble it from her hand.

Uncle Ted made some tasty hamburgers for lunch. He talked with us about his family and living on the ranch. After a while, Yoli and I took much-needed naps. In the meantime, the girls were outside with aunt Joyce collecting rocks and feathers and other nice things.

We got to see their lovely, productive garden and bring some vegetables back for both my grandmothers in San Antonio. And we also watched the Belmont Stakes, which turned out to be an exciting race.

All in all it was a lovely (hot) day.

Unfortunately for me, the allergies and cough I had endured since the trip began were about to become full-on sickness.

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