Work at the house … At last

A long last things are starting to happen at Renaud Manor. Today two masonry guys were on the scene, putting up reinforcing studs in the attic, taking out and sorting bricks, etc.

Keep reading to see a quick video – evidence of progress. The scene doesn’t look dramatically different, but we welcome any little steps forward.

In other happy news, we have selected our cabinets and worked out a plan for the new kitchen. Yoli is very pleased with it, and we can’t wait for the day that the thing is actually built. She is going to end up with some excellent runs of uninterrupted countertop space (for rolling pastry, etc), and we’ll have much more storage space than we ever had before in the kitchen. The sacrifice in all this is the loss of a window in the kitchen looking out over the backyard.

We are still deciding about stain colors, wall colors, and countertop, but it’s been a lot of fun so far.

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  1. It is remarkable how a builder even begins a project like this. You can finally begin to exhale. Looking forward with you to the endgame, but knowing God has real purpose in the process.

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