Progress reports

This week Jadzia brought home her first report card — or rather “mid-quarter progress report.” Her teacher had very nice things to say, and of course we are proud of how she is doing in school so far. Last week, Jadzia even got to host her grandpa for the school’s “Grandparents Day” festivities.

And I suppose it’s time for a progress report of a different kind: an update on our house. Keep reading for some more photos.

A week ago we had some movers take away all of the stuff we had left in the upstairs of the house. This week, the workers began to kick it into high gear. They removed the ceiling in our living/dining room, which had fallen in places because of water damage.

They also removed the plaster on the fireplace, so that it can be replastered.

They started putting up drywall in the girls’ old bedroom. The drywall here covers the wall that once had been broken by the tree.

This is a view of the kitchen, looking toward the new bedroom in the back of the house.

The front gable of our house has been re-sided.

And here is a detail which was finished many weeks ago, but which we are very happy about. On the left is our chimney, the top of which had been damaged in the tornado and had to be rebuilt. At right is our neighbor’s chimney. Her house was a “twin” of ours. You can see how the bricklayers added a nice decorative detail to our chimney.

And lastly, here are the rubble and dirt piles which make up our backyard. Believe it or not, these piles are smaller than they once were. But still, if you need some rubble, come on down!

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