Return from exile

Friday marked the return from exile of the Renaud Empire to its imperial family compound. See how the prince and princesses reacted to their “new” digs in this short video.

As the house was being repaired, the girls occasionally got to see the progress (Jadzia especially since she was going to school a few blocks away). But they hadn’t seen the house with it’s final paint jobs.

Our first night back went well. Stacks of boxes everywhere, a lack of curtains anywhere, and a lack of TV/internet could not phase us.

Saturday morning we ate a pannetone given to us by my mom as a housewarming gift. Yoli used her brand new (gas!) range to make some hot chocolate. After a while we went to Home Depot to get a bunch of curtain rods, a broom, mop, and other assorted goodies. And an inspector from CitiMortgage came by to make sure our house was between 95-100% finished (so that they could release the final installment of our insurance money which had been held in escrow).

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