England: Nan’s birth home

My Nan grew up in Wellingborough, England. Last week I got to see her childhood home, and today we went to her birth home in order to shoot a short little video.

(Nan’s brother, Uncle Raymond, jokingly claims she was found, not born.)

The house, 36 Whitworth Road, belonged to Nan’s grandparents (Fred Lawrence and Emily Barker), and Nan’s parents lived with them for about 18 months, during which Nan was born there.

After moving out, Nan and her family would regularly come back to visit.

Nan says she loved being in her Pap’s greenhouse, sitting made with him while he cared for his plants.

She also remembered how they would go there Christmas Day, eat Christmas dinner, take tea. then All the kids sleep in the back room. The grownups would stay up and play cards in the front room.

Nan’s grandparents had a beagle named Nell. And when Pap had a back itch, he would scratch his back against the door jamb.

In those days, the house did not have electricity, but it did have gas. The gas lights hung from the ceiling with two chains: one to turn it on and one to turn it off.

Anyway, without further ado, here is Nan beside her birth home:

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