England: The Embankment

I am visiting England for one week with my mother and grandmother. My grandmother, whom I call “Nan,” was born and raised in England before leaving as a young woman to marry an American (my “Papa”).

Anyway, today has been our first day going out for visits and looking around. My Nan’s brother (uncle Raymond) took us around Wellingborough. He showed us the flat where their family lived for many years. There was a fellow out front using a weed whacker to clear out the overgrown grass. My mom lamented the state of the yard (it once had wonderful gardens in front and back), and strained to see the spot where she had her first kiss when she was 14 years old (during her first visit to England).

We had a lovely walk around the large park behind the flat. Uncle Raymond explained how it had once all been fields and kids from the two streets in either side of the fields would compete and play against one another.

Here’s a little video from our trip to the Embankment, along the River Nene near the Whitworth mill.

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