England: Visiting villages in Northamptonshire

Wow, what a day!

Andrew and Toni took Nan and me around to a number of villages in Northamptonshire with family connections.

The first stop was Brafield on the Green. At the church we found a lady who had just finished cleaning and was heading out. She graciously opened th church for us and directed us to the farm that formerly belong to the Sargeant family. My great-great-grandmother Emily Elizabeth Barker worked there in service (more or less as a maid).

We also visited Hartwell, Ashton, and Gayton. For lunch we ate at Cromwell Cottage in Kislingbury, which was outstanding.

The beauty of these villages is incredible. They are all so old and full of history. As an American, I am blown away by these old stone buildings, by the thatched roofs, the lichen, and the views of the countryside. There’s little to compete with it near where I live. The best I can think of would be a place like Elsah or Hermann, but those only go back hundred or couple hundred years.

Check out this photo gallery, and a video:

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