Video: Jadzia the biker

At home after her first ride on a bike trail, Jadzia was recovering from the scare of falling halfway through the ride. She asked me if we could ride again the next day, for the purpose of making a video.

It should be noted that Jadzia LOVES having videos made of her. This seemed to me like an opportunity I should seize — anything that would get her to ride again and hopefully overcome any lingering fears.

So a few days after the first ride, we set out again. This time I had a backpack and iPad in hand in order to put together some sort of video.

In my head, it was going to be a fast-paced cool video with lots of fast motion. But Jadzia does not ride fast at this point. In fact, she goes so slow that I struggle to keep my balance on my own bike riding at her pace.

Still, I think we ended up with a decent video. Check it out!

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