Missions to space and the Farmers Market

Today I took Jadzia to the Challenger Learning Center in Ferguson to have a space mission. It was a surprise that Yoli had long wanted to give to her. The timing was good since we just visited the Houston Space Center in August, and Jadzia has really gotten interested in space.

The experience was a lot of fun. The first half was a simulated space mission. Jadzia chose to be the medical officer. During the mission she had to test everyone for radiation poisoning after a red alert in which the crew had to go to a clean room. She also administered a visual reflex test from her medical station. During the mission, the kids discovered that an object headed towards the earth was a comet.

After the mission, we spent the second half of the time learning about rockets and building our own paper rockets which we launched at the end. I am proud to say that my “Alpha Centauri” rocket went farther than any of the other kids’ or chaperones’ did. Jadzia’s did pretty well, too.

While Jadzia and I were galaxies away, Yoli had taken an apple crisp to be judged in the Ferguson Farmers Market apple contest. And she won second place! The prize was $25 in market bucks, which I’m sure we will spend very quickly. Yoli said that as she was leaving a man insisted that she should have won first place. I haven’t had a chance yet to try her apple crisp, but I bet that guy is probably right.

Medical officer Jadzia administers the radiation test.

Medical officer Jadzia tests the reflexes of one of her fellow crew members.

Jadzia’s first rocket launch. I used the camera to record video of the second launch, which you can see below.

Yoli and the girls show off the spare apple crisp that she made just for us. It’s identical to the second-prize winner.

Apple crisp close-up.

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