Jadzia: Monarchs, part 2

Jadzia watches Muncher the butterfly hang on to a curtain.
Jadzia watches Muncher the butterfly hang on to a curtain.

Today I bring you the second part of the Muncher and Cruncher saga. There is sadness and there is hope. The following story was written by Jadzia. After the story is a video, which I filmed.

Part 2: The Chrysalis

Chapter 1: Pupated

On the 5th Sunday of August, we set off for church. On the 5th sundays my
father teaches at our church. When we got back, Muncher was a green pupa.During
church, he had become a pupa.

Chapter 2: Pupated Problem

Eventually, Cruncher turned into a pupa. But I pointed out to my mother the
whiteish color of Cruncher’s pupa. One day, Ludi saw a weird, whiteish bug
crawling along. It was breakfast, so I had to go to school. But when we got
back, my mom told me a parasite had layed an egg on Cruncher. The parasite
larva had eaten Cruncher.

Chapter 3: Rise of the Muncher

Muncher became a monarch. My dad found him while we were away. When I got
home, muncher was on the curtain. We kept him overnight. The next day he flew
off and so hopefully he will make it..

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