Ferguson Sunday Parkways

Just as I began my drive to work, I noticed they were having Ferguson Sunday Parkways just down Darst from our house. This is one of many fun events Ferguson holds in different neighborhoods throughout the year.

I had forgotten it was coming up, and that it was so close to home. So, I called Yoli and let her know.

She and the kids walked from home and were able to catch the very end of the event. Attendance was somewhat sparse, which isn’t especially surprising in the aftermath of the Michael Brown shooting.

The kids made chalk drawings, plus Josie and Joseph each got bike helmets.

This morning (Monday) I walked the girls to school. When we arrived at the place where Sunday Parkways had been held, they each showed me the chalk drawings they had made, and I took photos of them.

Here’s a little photo gallery made up of photos Yoli took on Sunday, and photos I took of various chalk drawings on Monday morning:

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