The space explorers fight over an asteroid

Usually I tell Josie and Joseph bedtime stories which star two space explorers named Josie and Joseph.

Tonight I decided to change it up. They laughed so hard as I told this story that I figured I’d share it with you, too.

Here goes:

The object of the quarrel. Photo by NASA.
The object of the quarrel. Photo by NASA.

Once upon a time there were two space explorers: a brother and sister named “Bonk” and “Bonk”.

Bonk was piloting their ship while Bonk was sleeping. Suddenly, a control panel lit up with flashing alerts. “Bonk!” yelled Bonk. “We’re running into a new asteroid field. Get up here!”

Bonk woke up, wiped his eyes, and ran to the bridge. “What is it, Bonk,” Bonk asked.

“Look over there,” said Bonk, pointing through the window towards a giant asteroid outside the ship.

“Wow!” said Bonk.

“Yeah, it’s a brand new asteroid,” said Bonk. “You know what that means, right?”

“We get to name it!” shouted Bonk. “Hooray!”

“I think we should name it ‘Bonk,'” said Bonk.

“But that’s YOUR name,” said Bonk. “Why can’t we name it ‘Bonk’ instead?”

Bonk rolled her eyes. “But you were sleeping. I’m the one who saw it first. Please, let’s call it ‘Bonk’!”

“NOOOO!” screamed Bonk. “No! We can’t name it ‘Bonk.’ We have to name it ‘BONK’!”

The two space explorers argued and argued back and forth. They just couldn’t agree who to name the asteroid after.

Finally they decided to flip a coin. Bonk chose heads, while Bonk chose tails. They flipped the coin, and it landed on heads.

“YES!” exclaimed Bonk.

“Aw man,” sniffed Bonk.

And so the asteroid was named “Bonk.”

But Bonk made Bonk promise that the next asteroid they discovered would be named Bonk after him.

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  1. Ha ha ha! I can barely laugh because if I do, my braces will pinch my mouth. I overheard that story last night, but I thought it was “Bonk” and “Bong”. It’s even funnier than I anticipated! (big word to the left!) I did hear Josie laugh. Next time, throw in a pinch more funniness and they’ll be roaring. 🙂

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