Our great summer: San Antonio

Joseph jumps to Josh
Joseph jumps to Josh

What would summer be without a trip to San Antonio to see all our family? Evenings spent swimming in Nan’s pool, the buzz of cicadas, the tinkling of wind chimes, the dry heat.

This year was a little different. For one thing, my parents agreed to watch our kids for a week so that Yoli and I could travel to Bolivia. It was a new experience for everyone involved! The kids spent their week helping Nanny in the garden; watching butterflies, birds and longhorns; and they even managed to get Nanny into a swimsuit and into the pool!

My Grandma Renaud has moved out to Kendalia to live on the ranch with Aunt Joyce and Uncle Ted. They built her an impressive apartment with bedroom, kitchen, and living room.

Uncle Jerry was in town from Saudi, so I played a round of golf with him and my dad. I hadn’t played any golf since my dad’s 50th birthday, six years earlier. I was rusty, but we still had a good time.

Thanks to the Science Center membership my parents gave us for Christmas, we were able to visit San Antonio’s children’s museum (recently rechristened the “DoSeum”) for free. There was tons of new stuff to see and explore there.

Finally, at the end of the trip, Nan had a new shower installed. We had hoped it would be finished by the time we returned from Bolivia, but alas they didn’t get done until after we had begun our return journey to St. Louis. Thankfully, my mom and dad let us shower at their place.

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