Chess Club: Grandmasters

What a big week we had. On Friday, Jadzia and fellow members of Vogt Elementary’s chess club were visited by grandmasters … and a ton of media. Here is her account of the day:

Jadzia plays chess against grandmaster Jennifer Shahade
Jadzia plays chess against grandmaster Jennifer Shahade

Once upon a time, Jadzia and some of her classmates went to the library. But, this was no ordinary library day. Two (well, more, but you’ll find out later) grandmasters were going to come. Cameras would cram each and every corner and spot, flashing on and off!

It was Grandmaster Friday.

Me, Omar, Elionai, Joseph, Daryus, Camren, and Katherine went with Mr. Gardner. I saw Mama and Papa there. I realized I had forgot my cards of the two GrandMasters. Thankfullly, Papa had them. He also had a Sharpie in his pocket.

Dr. Joseph Davis came up to the podium and spoke about he was so glad about the Chess Club, and thank you for coming. Then, two more people came up and talked, but for not as long. It was time to play chess!

I went to a table. Apparently, this lady named Jennifer Shade would be my opponent. Omar got to go against the superintendent (and beat him!), and Joseph would go against the founder of the chess club.

Ms. Shahade was good. She is a Woman’s Grandmaster, so that is why she beat me — twice! The second time, I got to pick two pieces for her to NOT have. I chose a knight and her black-square bishop. I had mercy on her (I could’ve taken her queen)!! I still lost. I am still not close to grandmaster! Later I got the GrandMasters to sign my chess player cards.

I got interviewed!! Did I mention I got interviewed?! There were literally 50,000 cameras. So I wore a microphone and they asked me questions like, “What do you do at chess club?” or, “Do you think chess will be your job?” Daryus and Joseph got interviewed, too.

When I got back, they were handing out chess stuff. Since I was a girl, I got this book called, ‘Play Like A Girl’, written by none other than Jennifer Shahade, my opponent! She signed it. I got my stuff signed, and then it was pretty much over. It was fun!

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