An All-American Christmas

Ludi in act 3 of an All-American Christmas
Ludi in the third act of an All-American Christmas

Ludi got her first taste of the theater this year. We enrolled her in a new program at church called “Miss Kathey’s Academy for the Performing Arts.” She spent the last several months learning dances and songs in preparation for a big Christmas production.

Well, show time finally arrived. This week Ludi has had a lot of long nights practicing and then performing, but she did great. We’re very proud of her hard work.

Ludi backstage at an All-American Christmas
Ludi backstage at an All-American Christmas

I asked Ludi to write about her experience in her own words. Here’s what she said:

In early May, I started attending Miss Kathey’s Academy. I learned many dances, songs, and drama lines.

I only had six [monthly] practices to learn 15 dances, 20 songs, and 5 lines. Some people from Detroit came to help. They had performed the same show four times.

Our title was “An All-American Christmas.” It was fun and scary. The lights were blinding but I love it and hope to carry out stage again.

Ludi in act 3 of an All-American Christmas
Ludi in the third act of an All-American Christmas

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  1. Well, here I am three years later, and I’m still doing Ms.Kathey’s. This year I am actually doing the lead child role in Act III, and it’s exciting. I learned that If you tried hard and never give up, then you’ll be fine. I love acting and dancing still, and love to sing as well. I will always have the acting spirit in me, no matter what happens. After a lot of practice with my acting “sister”, Bob Pickett, Mr.Picker, and Mrs.Kathey, I’ve learned how to transform myself completely, into whatever character I wish to be. I suggest you try acting too!
    –Ludi Renaud

    1. Hi Ludi,
      My name is Winston Crider. I go to Grace Church with my wife Marilyn.

      We enjoyed the Christmas Concert last night. It was really good. Saw lots of talented people performing. The interesting thing and why I am sending you a comment is after the intermission, I focused my attention mostly on you. You impressed me with staying in character throughout the program. You seem to have extraordinary talent. I loved your emotions and movements and how you interacted with your little sister keeping in character. At the end of the night, I told Marilyn how much I enjoyed just watching you. You are gifted and so talented. Funny thing was she agreed and watch you as well. : )

      I told her I planned on keeping you in my memory because I have no doubt you are going places and expect to see your name at the Muny ST. Louis sometime!!! It just seems so natural for you and in your blood. Keep it going Ludi!!! Looking forward following your career. Thank You!!!

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