K’nex armada

Josie and Joseph with some of their favorite K'nex ship models.
Josie and Joseph with some of their favorite K’nex ship models.

Last year, I built Joseph a U.S.S. Enterprise from K’nex pieces. He played with it a lot, and oftentimes the ship would crash or be destroyed.

Over time he and I built other things: the U.S.S. Reliant from “Wrath of Khan,” various sizes of TIE fighters, an Enterprise-D from “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and more.

But Joseph really loves that original Enterprise. Long after it had been fully destroyed and disassembled, he asked me to help him build it again. Using pictures we had taken in 2015, we rebuilt it. Here’s Joseph describing the process in his own words:

“I built the Enterprise. First we made the nacelles, then I made the saucer, and Papa helped me with the neck. Then we built the shuttle bay. Then we (attached) everything on to the shuttle bay.
“Sometimes it explodes, when it crashes. It happens when it’s looking for things but it crashes into the wall. Then I have to fix it. And sometimes I have to take things apart to fix it, and I get all mixed up. But then I finally get how to fix it and I fix it.”

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