“Christmas All Year Long”

Ludi performs in the first act.

Ludi and Josie continued performing with Miss Kathey’s Academy. This year’s show was “Christmas All Year Long.”

The girls sing and dance throughout the show, but each had a chance to shine. Josie had a solo during a song in the first act.

Ludi played the role of “Rebecca” in the third act, which is the nativity drama.

Ludi wrote about her experience finally getting a speaking role:

“This was my third year of Miss Kathey’s Academy for the Performing Arts, or MKA.

“I finally got the role that I’d wanted every year. It was fun to learn and memorize lines, have a little acting sister who was fun to play with and then make a big show of saying my lines while still acting naturally.

“I learned later that a young girl and her mom found Christ because the little girl saw me.

“Another mom said ‘My baby told me that you showed her who Jesus really was. And now she believes! It’s been a tough year for me and I was losing faith, but when you and Hannah said your parts I regained my faith and prayed the prayer of salvation with Bob.’

“I was happy to know I made a difference for someone this year. And next year I’m going to do it again!”

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