Blues win the Stanley Cup

Jadzia, Josie, and Josh pose with the Stanley Cup trophy.

Along with the rest of St. Louis, we’ve been reveling in the exploits of our hometown hockey team, the St. Louis Blues.

I’ll be honest — I started out rooting against them. I wasn’t looking forward to the extra work during at the Post-Dispatch. And, anyway, the Blues have always been eliminated in the playoffs eventually. They didn’t have a chance.

But they proved me — and many others — wrong. Now the city is celebrating.

In the aftermath, I was able to take some of the kids to the P-D to see the real Stanley Cup. I was a little embarrassed because our family doesn’t have much in the way of Blues gear and apparel, but we wanted to get a photo anyway. We endured the hefty line of coworkers waiting for a turn to pose with the trophy, then hastily took the photo.

Jadzia at the downtown Blues victory parade

I also took Jadzia for the Blues parade. Downtown was absolutely packed. We managed to get somewhat close to the street, but it was still hard to see, and even harder to shoot video. But I think Jadzia enjoyed it, and we have something to remember.

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