No training wheels — Part 2!

Joseph pushes his bike up the hill so he can ride it down.

FINALLY! A second Renaud kid has learned to ride their back. Keep reading to hear the whole story and see a video.

Joseph has had a bike with training wheels for a couple years now.

Early this year I told him this would be the year he learned to ride his bike. I removed his training wheels at the beginning of the summer. We gave it a couple tries before he declared he wouldn’t ride the bike again until I re-installed the training wheels. Joseph began comparing his relationship with the bike to that of Calvin with his bike in “Calvin & Hobbes.”

Well, summer continued and we went on our epic road trip. I figured time would smooth things over. After we got back from vacation, I made him try again.

The thing that finally broke the impasse? Buying him elbow and knee pads. The pads took away his fear and gave him peace for practicing.

I am a very proud dad!

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