Grieving over Jadzia

I took Jadzia to see the Blues victory parade. She was pretty excited to get to be part of it,

This blog was created to tell the story of our family. And it is with great sadness that I must write a post I never dreamed I would have to write.

Jadzia, our beloved oldest daughter, died in her sleep last night.

Jadzia was 14 years old, and very much looking forward to her quinceañera in August, her sophomore year of high school this fall, and so many other dreams and plans.

We weren’t ready to lose our dear girl. We are grief-stricken and figuring things out.

To everyone who had some part in Jadzia’s life, we say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for the love you showed her, for the care you gave her. We know you share our sorrow.

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  1. I was your daughter’s music teacher when she was in the 6th grade at the Probe center. I truly admired your daughter. I am also a Ferguson resident not too far from you at 620 Darst. My sincerest condolences to you and your family. I grieve with you.

  2. It was with great sadness to read about Jadzia passing. She was in my second grade Probe class (gifted education)! She was an excellent student and very confident. I enjoyed having her in my class.

  3. She was my first joy and I was honored to be her Nanny. Such a tiny, light, fragile, little thing in my hands for the first time. But those eyes! Full of something difficult to describe; lust for life perhaps. She is the only grandchild truly made in my image, bearing similar health issues and identical temperaments. I am grateful for the few times she and I shared alone, especially at the hairdresser getting her hair colored, and working through picking out a hoodie that she was happy with at Christmas.
    I looked so forward to seeing her confidence and her faith increase as a young adult. That blessed girl has the strongest faith of all right now as she gazes into the eyes of her Savior and falls into the warmth of His bosom.
    Thank you, Lord, for allowing us to enjoy and cherish her. May You bring glory to Yourself through her life and her testimony

  4. The Renaud Empire may have had a reduction in force, but we are all enriched by the life of Jadzia. I only met her once as a baby, but feel as if I knew her from watching her grow up on Facebook. As the oldest, she had a peaceful, serene and lively presence. She lives in all our memories. May God bless and keep her, and your family, in this time of travail.

  5. I was so sad to hear the news about Jadzia. A former colleague of mine reached out to tell me. I taught music at Vogt for 1 year and your family made quite the impression on me. I loved getting to teach all of your girls, short a time as it was. I am so very sorry for your family’s loss. We all were very lucky to get to know Jadzia, and I know she was loved by many. I will keep you all in my thoughts.

  6. I was heartbroken to hear of Jadzia’s passing. I was Jadzia’s third grade classroom teacher at Vogt. What a delight to have had the opportunity to influence Jadzia’s growth and development as a young student. Her desire to learn new things and her gentle spirit was a gift to the whole class. She will truly be missed, but how very lucky those of us who had a chance to have known her are. God’s peace to her dear family.

  7. It was a visit from the Renaud’s to our house. Josh and Yoli were not feeling well that day so at our insistence they both laid down. I thought of taking the girls on a treasure hunt around the property to find interesting things. Jadzia was not too thrilled with the heat and either was I…it was July! So we put on our hats and took water with us and headed out. Jadzia was quiet for a while while climbing and walking around as taking in her surroundings and unsure of this time. Finally she found her groove and asked about everything we looked at. We found flint rocks, turkey feathers, more rocks, and saw deer and horses. Jadzia had her collection as was so excited to show off to her parents when we returned red faced and tired. I so enjoyed the Aunt time with the girls.
    It’s hard to understand Jadzia’s passing especially for such a short life that she had. I wonder what she would of become as a young woman with her talents and her vast knowledge. I try not to question God in all of this as He has his plan for all of us and am very thankful for the times we shared and know she touched many other lives.

  8. Thank you, Josh and Yoli for allowing Jadzia to be a part of our special day. Over 11 years ago, Eric and I were married at the Jewel Box and Jadzia was the flower girl at our wedding. The day was a blur, but having Jadzia as part of my wedding party made me so happy. Jadzia has a special place in my heart and I will remember her forever.

  9. Josh and Yoli, I wish I had words of comfort to take your pain away during this difficult time. God has a plan for each of us and His plan is perfect. We have to believe Jadzia touched those peoples lives that she was supposed to before God called her home. Trust the Lord in all things. My deepest sympathy and prayers are with you and your entire family.

  10. I am so shocked and saddened to read of Jadzia’s passing. Sophia and I met Jadzia at your house. She was such a sweet and funny young lady. I am so sorry for your loss and am thinking of all of you and holding you in my heart 💗💗💗

  11. I loved watching you grow up from a youngster to the beautiful young woman you became. You were family, you were in such close proximity. Your inquisitive mind always blew me away. I couldn’t answer when my mom gave me the news. I still can’t believe you are gone and you have been on my mind all day recounting every conversation we had. You are gone too soon for all of us but I guess God was too eager to have you home with him. You will never comprehend how loved you are. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey. I will always miss you.

  12. There are no words to express how truly sorry I am to hear of Jadzia’s passing. Although I did not have her in 2nd grade, I know Josie and Ludi were both so proud of their big sister. My prayers for strength are with you all in these most difficult days ahead as you grieve your precious girl.

  13. As I go through my photos and collect my thoughts, I am reminded of so many happy memories of Jadzia. My first memory of Jadzia is her telling me about Vogt elementary and which teachers she thought were the best. The quiet wisdom, the curious question and the kindheartedness are ways that Jadzia’s character shone.

    Playing chess before tennis practice, reading in the shade at swim practice, eating ice cream at the whistle stop, splashing in the river, finding planets at night, chasing ducks at the Steelville park are all memories I will cherish. The memory that will forever stick with me is Jadzia blazing through our house with a trail of younger siblings and my kids in pursuit, running out the front door and through the yard in an intergalactic battle. Laughs, shrieks of joy and surprise erupting everywhere, kids springing out of the shadows and charging forward immersed entirely in the imaginary world of fun.

    I am certain that the world you have left behind has been forever changed because of your presence Jadzia. We are so honored to have known you. See you on the other side of the stars.

  14. I was one of Jadzia’s nursery teachers at Friendship International. I excitedly awaited her birth and remember the first time I met this sweet, dark haired beauty. Even as a toddler she was inquisitive and creative and loved to play, pretend and discover. When she was four she announced that she would be the teacher that day and teach me to count in Spanish. Thinking I might outdo her, I quickly counted to five. I asked how I had done and she said, “it’s not too bad but it’s not too good.” Our teachers loved her and remembered her fondly. We loved seeing her now and then, getting a hug and celebrating her many accomplishments. We are praying for the peace that passes understanding. Jadzia was a bright star and always one of our Friendship babies.

  15. The first time I met Jadzia was 11 years ago. She was the flower girl in my cousin’s wedding and my son Ben was the ring bearer. She took Ben by the hand and introduced him to everyone at the rehearsal she knew. She was so energetic and bright. I keep thinking about the two of them walking together. She even took me and introduced me to her parents.

  16. We had the privilege of hosting the Renaud family over a couple summers❤️We have fun memories of Jadzia’s bright and intelligent conversations….We are praying for you all during this time…love u💕

  17. Joe, Anita, Joshua and Yoli,

    It’s with great sorrow that I write this “Expression” of my love to all your family, at this most sorrowful time. What a loss — Thanks for letting us have a glance into her life as it was here on earth. She accomplished so much and will be missed by so many.

    I know that Jadzia was so special to all of you, words can’t do much to help. But last September as Josh went to leave the Renaud picnic, Jadzia and Yoli at his side, they walked up to say goodbye. I asked Jadzia a question about school. I don’t remember the words she said, but the look in her eyes was very loving and special, letting me know she was glad that I showed an interest in her life. But also a look of of something beyond that moment that she wanted to do also.

    I was always glad to see them as a family — how they loved each other. Your grief won’t go away in a day, a week, a month or maybe never to some extent, but the Holy Spirit will always help. So cry it out, talk it out, even tell God what you think. And then praise God from your heart. (The greatest sacrifice you can give to God is praise at a time like this) He understands.

  18. I was Jadzia’s ELA teacher last year at STEAM High. I was so heartbroken to hear of her passing. She had such intelligence and a calm, mature presence. I’m so sorry for your loss and the world’s loss of such a bright, wonderful girl.

  19. Yoli and Josh, although I never got the privilege of meeting Jadzia in person, I had the opportunity to watch her grow through the pictures and videos Yoli shared regularly on facebook. I got to see all her accomplishments and admired her many talents. I could also see how loving she was as a daughter and sister and how proud you both were of her.

    I am really sad to know of her passing. God has a purpose for all of us and Jadzia has a new role as your guardian angel.

    Sending you lots of love and praying for confort.

    Yoli, nuevamente te envio un abrazo bien profundo amiga querida.

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