It’s World Press Freedom Day — and National Teacher Day

Most readers of this blog are already familiar with the story.

Last year I was persecuted politically by our state executive after I reported on Missouri’s failure to protect teacher information.

So today is an interesting convergence for me: It’s both World Press Freedom Day and National Teacher Day.

I’m not alone — and other journalists have certainly suffered far worse than me. I think of the situation in Russia, or the brave reporters in Ukraine.

But we here in the U.S. can’t ignore what’s happening in our own backyard. Public officials increasingly misuse their power to intimidate or attack journalists. Across the country, we see our public discourse is infected with demonizing, dehumanizing rhetoric.

Anyway, whereever you are, please support your local journalists. Subscribe to news outlets here in St. Louis (even if it’s not the Post-Dispatch).

And when you hear about situations like mine, please speak up. Make your voice heard.

For my part, on this day I’m also thankful for the many teachers who have helped shape my four kids. And I’m proud of family members and friends who heard the calling and chose to become teachers.

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