Joseph gets a new bedroom

This panoramic photo shows the results of the first of framing.

This year, we constructed a new room in the basement for Joseph to move into, giving each of the kids their own room. It was a long road to get here.

Joseph tells the rest of the story:

I have a new bedroom. It’s in the basement, so the ceiling is low.

It all started with the sounds of drilling in the night. There were builders at our house! I went downstairs and there was a bunch of wood studs instead of our old TV room.

Joseph salutes from within his newly-framed future closet.

After a while they put up drywall and a closet. For a while I thought the closet was the main room, because it was so big. They painted the walls a very nice gray like I asked.

My room has a nice, bright LED light, and I also acquired Dad’s old pencil lamp. I probably use the lamp more than the main light. There’s a very large window, probably the best egress window in the house.

I like to play with my K’nex, and one of my favorite hobbies — sleeping.

My room has a bookshelf where I display my Lego sets. And I got a new desk. At one point I hid the supplies for a Nerf grenade in it.

A view of Joseph’s shelf, bed and light in his new bedroom.

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