Joseph earns a bike

Joseph’s final BWorks class, where he earned a new bike.

In June, Joseph earned a new bike through the BWorks program. Joseph tells the story:

At BWorks, we learned the parts of the bike and how to change tires. I decorated my bike helmet.

One time we did a slow race where the slowest person wins, but you can’t let your feet touch the ground.

We got pick out bikes. The green one was already taken, so I picked a blue one. It didn’t have a kickstand, which made my life harder until they installed one for me.

Josh: Later, in October, we both participated in a BWorks bike and canoe trip. Joseph tells the rest…

I had to wake up really early. I was having a nice peaceful sleep then Dad woke me up at 5 a.m., an hour earlier than I usually wake up. I put on 40 bazillion layers plus my balaklava.

We rode our bikes for 20,000 miles from the Arch up north on the Riverfront Trail until we reached the park where we launched the canoe.

We talked about canoe safety and then we put on the suffocating life vests, then went down to the two canoes. The red one was named Stan and the green one was named Avocado. We were in Stan.

We started rowing across the river, headed to an island on the other side. Then we landed there. We had some sort of lunch, but I didn’t like the sandwich so I only ate oranges and doritos. I found a really nice stick, but Aidan tried to steal it from me. Luckily, though, I have honed dodging skills and I evaded him. Later I threw it in the river. Good times.

On the river, I remember they told a story about how Muddy Mike had lived on the island throughout the 2020 lockdown. People were betting on how long he would stay there. It was pretty funny.

The river was very low and we saw like a Coast Guard platform or a barge or something wrecked on the side. I made it through the entire song “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.”

We landed just past the Arch and Mom took 40 years to get there and pick us up.

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