Summer Saturdays

On Saturdays when Yoli’s not working, we like to walk around town. We start off by going to the Ferguson Farmer’s Market and picking up some veggies. A lot of times there are food/cooking demos going on, which means free samples. And there’s always good music. In this photo, Yoli’s telling me not to take the picture because I’m taking it from the wrong angle (the sun is behind them).

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Adam’s picture

Jadzia loves to be outside. It makes no difference if it’s hot; or if she has eaten; or if she’s wearing pajamas; or whether it’s raining. Under almost any conditions, Jadzia would rather be outside.

Of the many things we do outside, one of her favorites is to walk up to “the school.” This refers to Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, which is just down the street from us.

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Busy day

My Saturday:

  • Walk to the Ferguson Farmer’s Market.

** Buy veggies & goat brats.

** Girls go to storytime, presented by Ferguson Municipal Library.

** Eat free Mediterranean food from demonstration.

  • Check out liquidation sale at furniture store around the corner.
  • Return with food from market.
  • Drive up to Fiesta in Florissant.

** Look for “Bolivian” food mentioned in newspaper.

*** Fail to find any

** Look for our favorite vendor, Tango, with their Argentine empanadas.

** Watch lots of dances.

  • Take girls home and lay them down for naps.
  • Go to the batting cages and hit 60 pitches.
  • Come home and get ready for work.

Palmiers Saturday

It’s a new season at the Ferguson farmer’s market, which means more chances for Yoli to enter contests.

You may recall that last year Yoli took second place in the pie contest.

This year there is no pie contest, unfortunately. In its place, the market will hold several contests for different fruits. Saturday was the first: the berry contest. Any “delicious creation” that featured berries was eligible.

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Free! Free! Free!

Saturday night was Yoli’s annual appreciation dinner for employees of the Ferguson Municipal Library. It was held at the Thyme Table, as usual, and the food was pretty good. This year they had a beef roast, with an egg/potato layered thing, and veggies. There was also a very nice chocolate mousse cake with an oreo crust. It all tasted even finer because it was FREE.

As were planning for the dinner, we decided to use a babysitter again and make an evening of it. I tried to come up for ideas of stuff to do afterward (art museum? history museum? some sort of concert?). I came up with something different — we should go to The Blanche.

(The Blanche, for those who don’t know, is what I call the “Touhill Performing Arts Center” at UMSL)

UMSL music students were holding end-of-the-semester recitals. There was a violin and piano performance scheduled for 7:00 p.m. This seemed right up our alley, since we are a somewhat musical family… (Yoli is the one who can actually play instruments. I just sing) Anyway, Yoli and I showed up. I think we were the only ones there who were not fellow music students. But still it was a lovely hour of FREE classical music. It doesn’t get much better than that!

After the concert we watched a movie called “Once” which I really, really enjoyed. It’s about two brokenhearted people in Dublin — a street musician guy and a Czech immigrant girl — who hang out, sort of fall in love, and make really great music together. That description doesn’t do the movie justice. Suffice it to say that it is probably one of the best films I have seen in the last year. Making it even sweeter? The fact that we checked it out for FREE from the aforementioned Ferguson Municipal Library.

Ferguson’s booster

So my friends call me a walking, talking billboard for the city of Ferguson, MO. There may be something to that.

Before Yoli and I married, I set about looking for a place where we would live. I wanted a friendly place that was pedestrian friendly with stores and services in walking distance, since Yoli doesn’t drive. I should have thought of Ferguson immediately, since I was an UMSL student who drove through the town frequently. But I didn’t. It took me a month or two before my dad said “You were always talking about the progress you saw in Ferguson. Why don’t you look there?”

So I did, and I found a very inexpensive apartment in a great location. And we’ve been here for more than 2 years. You can read a bit about what we enjoy about living here on the Ferguson Citywalk website.

Lately, what I’ve really been enjoying are the restaurants. Yoli suggested I make a list of my favorites, so here goes…

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