The ranch

Last year my aunt Joyce invited us to visit the ranch she shares with her husband Ted and my cousin Dion. I have never really visited a ranch in Texas, so I thought this would be a cool opportunity, especially for the girls.

We made the pretty drive into the hill country to a little town called Kendalia. Uncle Ted and aunt Joyce met us there on their motorcycle and guided us the rest of the way to the ranch.

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The kangaroo wolf

Yoli, reporting on events around naptime this afternoon:

Right before getting into bed, Jadzia told Yoli that “I’m a kangaroo wolf.” She was hopping and growling.

Later, after the girls woke up, Yoli saw Ludi standing still.

Jadzia was tucking a cat beanie baby into Ludi’s waistband. Jadzia told her, “I’m going to put this in your pouch.”

Then Jadzia became like a movie director:

“Now you need to hop. You are a kangaroo.”

“And also growl. You are a wolf, too. Put your hands up like claws. Good, good.”

Yoli reports that Ludi’s acting was very good.