The newest Renaud

Our newest baby has arrived, and she’s a girl!

Right off the top, let me say that she remains nameless for the moment, but we hope to have settled on a name by the end of today.

Here’s her vitals:

  • Born July 30, at 2:23 a.m.
  • Weighed 7 pounds
  • 20.5 inches long

If you click below to continue reading this entry, you’ll be able to watch a short video of the new baby and read the story of our adventure.

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Early wake-up call / Bebe numero dos

This morning Yoli and I awakened at 4:45 a.m. We were preparing to get her and Jadzia to the airport for their trip to Bolivia. I will be joining them next week. That’s an early morning for someone who works until at least 11:30 p.m. every night. On the bright side, it gave me some extra time after I dropped them off to scan some in some recent ultrasound pictures of our next baby (see below)!

This is not a “traveling light” trip, my preferred modus operandi. Yoli will be making a wedding cake and also teaching a cake-decorating class at El Jordán during this trip, so she took all the pots and pans, etc.

Yoli and Jadzia’s trip will last three weeks; I will join them next Sunday, so I’ll be there for two weeks. During this week, Yoli will post a few entries on our Bolivia weblog. Once I join her, I will be posting stuff there as well, so please check often!

Anyway, I know what you really want to see are the ultrasound photos. Here they are:

We’re not outnumbered … yet

Well, I suppose it’s about time we proclaimed the big news: Yoli is several months pregnant! The baby is due around my dad’s birthday in August, though Yoli is hoping he/she will be born in late July (so we won’t add yet another birthday to that crammed month).

Jadzia has certainly kept us on our toes, and kept our house a constant mess. I’m not sure what we’ll do when there’s the same number of children as there are adults. I’m also not looking forward to dealing with two car seats. Somehow we will survive, though. It will be awesome for Jadzia to have a sibling to play with (though we’ll probably have to deal with the inevitable jealousy issues when the baby arrives).

Also, a little tidbit: Jadzia just got some shoes this week (she’s gone around barefoot or socked only all this time). But she doesn’t walk or stand very well in them. It’s going to take some time for her to get used to them. Another thing she’s learning to do is eat with a spoon. She’s getting better each day.

Screams in the night

Okay, so Yoli has been playing around with the video camera she got for Christmas. Today was the first time we hooked it up to the Mac and tried to edit some video. I had an idea for one of the clips of Jadzia crying at night. Click the image below to see/hear the movie:

Christmastime in review

As I mentioned in my previous post, this was an interesting Christmas season. It was nice to have Justin and Becca in town for several days before the actual holiday so we could spend some time together.

Among the activities was a game of disc golf at muddy White Birch in Hazelwood. It was quite fun, even though I didn’t fare too well. The highlight for me was making a birdie on hole 17, which is not easy, and making par on 18.

On my side of the family, we often make Christmas lists to give relatives an idea of what kinds of things we need or would be a blessing to us. This can be a good thing. This year, Yoli and I kept our lists very simple. I wanted donations toward an iPod and she wanted donations toward a video camera.

This can be tacky, and I hope I don’t do it again for a good while. But I had been patiently waiting to get an iPod for several years now, and it was so good to finally get it. After Christmas I found a nice used one here in town (similar to one my brother Jon has already) with some accessories at a great price. Yoli did her research on digital video cameras and we are buying a refurbished Consumer Reports best-buy which we’ll take to Bolivia in January. It will be good to tape Jadzia with her Bolivian family so she can see them again and again when we are in the U.S. Likewise, we can make tapes of her and send them to Bolivia.

I am enjoying my iPod, but as is usually the case, the most memorable gift is the unexpected one. My mom got me a nice pair of gloves to replace the ancient tattered ski gloves I’ve been wearing since junior high or high school (I forget). Later in the morning she pulled out a fancy dress coat they had been saving for years for one of my brothers. Turns out it was too small for them, so she asked me to try it on. And it fit me fine. So now I have new gloves, a new dress coat, and my old English caps. When I go to work now, I look like a new man.

This past Wednesday we had our annual movie night with some friends from Hazelwood West, McCluer North, and UMSL. We watched “Million-Dollar Baby” which I had not seen before. The story takes a somewhat-surprising twist in the last portion, which made for lots of interesting discussion afterwards. Lots of thanks to Matt for hosting the night and for the great chili! Unfortunately, Jadzia was a “Million Cries Baby” through about the last 1/3 of the movie and the discussion.

That’s the challenge of the baby… Finding ways to adapt our lives to accomodate her. With movie night it wasn’t so successful, but we’ll get more creative next year.