You wanted him, you got him

Just to re-assure everyone that Joseph is alive and well. The dearth of photos here is purely a result of our being very busy and sleep-deprived.

Joseph is a very pleasant baby overall, though he is beginning to enter his more fussy stage. Also this week he seems to have had some sort of virus which ultimately led to two trips to the doctor’s office. (One of those visits lasted all morning as I took him around DePaul getting blood tests, x-rays, etc)

He is just fine, no cause for alarm. But whenever babies have fevers (even slight ones), doctors get very concerned and want to make sure it’s not something serious.

Anyway, here are some photos from different things that have been going on our life in April and May.

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Northern Lights

This past Sunday, Yoli bravely trekked from our house to Florissant Rd. so the girls could watch Northern Lights, Ferguson’s holiday parade/festival. She did this in spite of the threat of snow.

As she tells it, everything went well until the end. Jadzia was so happy she wanted to stay forever (these days she never wants to come home, anyway, and she always tells us so. She wants to be out and about.) … while Ludi was tired of it and screaming to go home. It was a no-win scenario, to borrow an expression from Star Trek II. Unfortunately, Spock wasn’t there to resolve the scenario for Yoli, so she just went home, and dragged the screaming girls with her.

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Checking out Ferguson’s new Maid-Rite

While we were in Bolivia, Ferguson’s new Maid-Rite opened. It’s in the space where O.T. Hodge used to be. I miss the Hodge, but I was eager to check out the new place with its loose ground beef burgers. It’s the first Maid-Rite franchise in the St. Louis area.

I wasn’t sure if I’d like it. I’m not a huge sloppy joe fan. But Maid-Rite isn’t a sloppy joe. It’s a loose, crumbly seasoned ground beef, but without sauce (unless you order a specialty one with BBQ or something like that).

I bought the $8 Bacon Cheese-Rite basket. Basically you get the sandwich, fries, and a drink. The food was excellent. I really enjoyed the sandwich, and the fries were perfect.

A little bit pricey for my taste, but I bet we’ll take the kids every once in a while. They have corn dogs and other stuff which will be perfect. Jadzia can scarf corn dogs down like there’s no tomorrow.

Since Yoli still has our digital camera down in Bolivia, I didn’t take any photos of the inside. But the Maid-Rite website already has a bunch of photos of the Ferguson location here

Summer Saturdays

On Saturdays when Yoli’s not working, we like to walk around town. We start off by going to the Ferguson Farmer’s Market and picking up some veggies. A lot of times there are food/cooking demos going on, which means free samples. And there’s always good music. In this photo, Yoli’s telling me not to take the picture because I’m taking it from the wrong angle (the sun is behind them).

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Ferguson’s booster

So my friends call me a walking, talking billboard for the city of Ferguson, MO. There may be something to that.

Before Yoli and I married, I set about looking for a place where we would live. I wanted a friendly place that was pedestrian friendly with stores and services in walking distance, since Yoli doesn’t drive. I should have thought of Ferguson immediately, since I was an UMSL student who drove through the town frequently. But I didn’t. It took me a month or two before my dad said “You were always talking about the progress you saw in Ferguson. Why don’t you look there?”

So I did, and I found a very inexpensive apartment in a great location. And we’ve been here for more than 2 years. You can read a bit about what we enjoy about living here on the Ferguson Citywalk website.

Lately, what I’ve really been enjoying are the restaurants. Yoli suggested I make a list of my favorites, so here goes…

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