Ferguson’s new fire house

Residents come out to see Ferguson's new fire house.
Residents come out to see Ferguson’s new fire house.

Saturdays are busy days for us now. Ludi and Josie have a dance class early in the morning, and Jadzia has one later on. Today, in between the classes, we took a trip to visit Ferguson’s new fire house.

It was fun to see all the rooms and talk with the firefighters. Josie had some pressing questions for one fire fighter that we met in the training room. She found a whiteboard with a diagram of the Christian Care Home (which is near our house) drawn with black, red, blue, and green dry erase markers. “Why didn’t you use the PURPLE marker?” she asked, picking it up and showing it to him.

Purple has always been an important color at our house.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the photos.

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