Trash can compost bin

Making a trash can composter
Making a trash can composter

Last year my dad helped me build some boxes for raised garden beds. He’s not in town anymore, but his influence lingers.

In April he wrote a blog post about how to build a garbage can composter. I filed that away, since Yoli had wanted to begin composting for a long time. She has always been very good about making the most use of food items.

Yesterday I finally got out the drill and a new green trashcan and got to work. The project was pretty easy, but boy was it hot outside.

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Building boxes

Today my dad came over to help me with a project I had hoped to do last year before a certain tornado changed all our plans.

We built a couple of boxes to be used for raised garden beds, out of lumber left over from our tornado repairs.

My always-handy dad also identified some problems with our basement door and proceeded to take it down and help me sort of shave the bottom of it.

It will be a few weeks until we actually use the boxes because we are going to have our yard re-graded and sodded first. So the garden will get a late start.

But it should be better than last year.