Geese attack

Ten years and two days ago, while I was the editor-in-chief of The Current, I published the following issue of The Stagnant (our annual April Fool’s Day insert).

There is a lot of goose-related humor throughout. Geese have always been a mainstay of UMSL, a problem shared by many other business and school campuses … including McCluer High School.

Today the geese had their revenge on me for poking fun at their expense. As I was returning to McCluer to pick up Jadzia from her preschool class, two geese loomed ahead of me on the sidewalk. I tried to give them a wide berth, but one began hissing. I moved farther away, but I guess it wasn’t enough space. One of the geese ran at me, and then began flying after me.

I high-pedaled it out of there, and took a circuitous route through the muddy grass to go around them. All the teachers and people inside were wondering what was going on.

Thankfully no harm came to either me or the geese.

Yoli told me later I should have used a slingshot and fought back ala Angry Birds (our latest iPad craze).