A picture story: “Fruits girls mistakes”

Check out this combined story-telling effort by Jadzia and Ludi. Jadzia wrote the words, Ludi drew the pictures.

(here’s a transcript in case you can’t read it: “Fruits girls mistakes. She ate too many cherys so she turnd red. She ate too many plums so she turned purple. She ate too many rasberys so she turned pink.”)

There be wdragons here

My absolute favorite thing to read aloud is “Inside Information” chapter of The Hobbit. I love to be the voice of Smaug.

After reading the whole chapter, I was tucking the girls into bed when Jadzia had this to say:

“I think girl dragons don’t like boy dragons. I call them ‘wagons.’ I mean ‘wdragons’. Boy dragons shoot fire out of their noses, but wdragons shoot water.”

Overheard in the minivan

Ludi: “…let’s have a surprise party for Papá!”

Jadzia: “Shhhhh….”

[much whispering ensues].

Ludi: “Papá, did you hear what we’re talking about?”

Me: “Maybe!”

Jadzia and Ludi together: “Forget! Forget!”

Josie: “Daddy, it tastes like grass!”

Me: “Don’t eat it!”

Josie: “It’s spicy!”

Josie: “What’s your name?”

Me: “Papá.”

Josie: “Not Papá. Daddy! … What’s MY name?”

Me: “Josie Joy.”

Josie: “Not Josie Joy. Beauty and the Beast!”

Progress reports

This week Jadzia brought home her first report card — or rather “mid-quarter progress report.” Her teacher had very nice things to say, and of course we are proud of how she is doing in school so far. Last week, Jadzia even got to host her grandpa for the school’s “Grandparents Day” festivities.

And I suppose it’s time for a progress report of a different kind: an update on our house. Keep reading for some more photos.

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Jadzia talks about her first day of kindergarten

This morning I took Jadzia to her first day of kindergarten at Vogt Elementary in Ferguson. She was pretty excited about it. All went well — except I forgot to take her picture.

I tried to compensate by shooting some quick video when I picked her up this afternoon. Keep reading to watch Jadzia tell a little about her day.

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Jadzia: The house is looking better

it is starting to look beter the house finaly is starting to get work done. woodson terce is nice they were haveing a party at the park.

the meuny is nice to i have a short story bit. ariel is the one who fights ursula and her father says he will stay one night to celabrate. my beauty and ehe beast clip is on joshren thingy

i don’t have anything else to talk about but thanks for reading about my audventures.

Jadzia Marie Renaud Josh RENAUD ENPIRER

(Jadzia is referring above to a short video “play” she made, which you can see here)

Jadzia on “The Little Mermaid” at the Muny

A guest post by Jadzia. Here are her thoughts about seeing “The Little Mermaid” at the Muny last night with her dad and her sister Ludi:

I liked the bowing at the end. I liked when the ship broke in two pieces. And when Ariel was talking to Flounder, that was funny.

The intermission was fun, too because we went out to the boys’ bathroom.

I liked the food that we brought: peaches and quesadillas.

Ursula was not scaring me like “Beauty and the Beast.”

King Triton was my favorite part, too, because he had a loud voice. I liked that voice.

I really enjoyed the Prince Eric at the very beginning, when he was unconscious and when Ariel helped him.

The end.

Them kids keep a-growing

A couple milestone notes of interest.

  • JOSEPH has apparently decided he’s done nursing. A couple days ago he just quit. Cold turkey. Yoli, obviously, wasn’t keen on this turn of events. She has tried over and over, but hasn’t been able to get Joseph to nurse since then. Thankfully we retrieved her pump from the (broken) house, so she’ll be able to relieve her pain.
  • JADZIA continues to make leaps and bounds in her reading and writing abilities. Her spelling has improved, as has her ability to interpret parent-spelling-speak. You know what I mean: “Hey baby, are there any C-O-O-K-I-E-S left over from last night?” Jadzia would now respond: “I know what you said!” She is very pleased with herself. I guess we’ll need to start spelling in Spanish.