The girls meet Josie

After a while I took Jadzia and Ludi to meet their new sister, Josie. We told them that Josie had arrived with gifts for them: an apron for Jadzia, and sunglasses for Ludi.

Both girls were very interested in holding Josie and touching her. Ludi especially. Ludi was giving her kisses. But she was also treating Josie more like a doll, repeatedly pushing in her nose and saying “nariz” like she would with the doll she got for Christmas.

Josie Míriel

So here’s a bit more about our new girl, Josie Míriel Renaud.

Yoli began having her serious contractions in the night. She woke me to let me know what was happening, but said they were still very irregular and that I should try to sleep. I did eventually, but I had a hard time of it because of adrenaline. Around 6 a.m. we called my mom and asked her to come over. Thankfully she was able to leave right away, despite the fact that Wednesday is normally a Café day for her.

As soon as she arrived, we set off on the long journey to St. Luke’s. Unlike the last time we had a long trip to the hospital for a baby, Yoli didn’t spend the whole trip pushing. But she was still very close to being ready to deliver.

I can’t say enough good things about St. Luke’s. They took us right in at the ER and wheeled Yoli right into her room. The nurses attended her and helped her get going, without bogging us down with a ton of paperwork.

The birth itself was natural and pretty fast, like the other two. Actual pushing took around 15 minutes. I think Yoli was hurting a lot right at the end, but she seemed very relieved and relaxed as soon as Josie was out.

There were a few little hangups at the beginning getting Josie to nurse, but it sounds like she is an old pro as of this evening.

I’ll have more photos and videos posted in a while, so keep watching.

Baby girl, part three

Already I can tell that it’s not easy juggling three kids!

Yes, that’s right, the third child arrived early this morning — 7:49 a.m. to be exact (that’s for you, Caesar) — at St. Luke’s Hospital.

At the moment the girls are upstairs; Jadzia is watching Mr. Rogers and Ludi is eating cereal. So I only have enough time right now to say that the delivery went very well. It was hard for Yoli, but it was short. Both mamá and bebé are in good shape.

Our new baby is a girl! She weighed 7 lbs and was 20.5 inches long. Her name is still a work in progress. Hopefully this evening we will have decided and I will post it here.