Well, I’ve been a bit under the weather since last Friday, so I’ve been away from the computer more than usual. I have some stuff I wanted to post, but just haven’t had the time/endurance to do it. Ludi seems to be teething, so she has been a bit fussy since yesterday, and Jadzia had a weird episode last night. Not sure if she was imitating Ludi/me, or genuinely not feeling well. Today she seems fine.

In any event, I do think I’m feeling better, and so hopefully we can enjoy these last 3 days of “baby vacation” before I head back to work.

Yoli has been doing well, but obviously has a ton on her plate. Josie is nursing well and growing more beautiful all the time. She has given us 1-2 hours of screaming the last 2 nights, but after those periods has slept much better.

Full house

So we’ve gotten through the first night with three girls. It has been a bit strenuous keeping up with all these girls. The older two are more than enough to keep us occupied, for sure. But they have given us some brief periods of tranquility from time to time.

They are very curious about the baby and like to touch her (or slap her), kiss her, look at her, etc. So far Josie isn’t capable of doing anything to raise their ire. However, the baby is quite a capable crier and pooper. She really kept us up last night. Thankfully, though, we are getting a bit of daytime napping in the last 2 days. In fact, I am quite thrilled to report all four of my girls are still sleeping right now!

Because Josie still doesn’t “do” very much, life in the house in many ways is very similar to what it was before. We still have the same problems of girls getting picky about eating food, fighting over toys (or fighting to have space on the carpet in which to dance), screaming, doing things we just told them not to do, etc. But when we see Jadzia and Ludi have nice sisterly moments, it does give us a hopeful glimpse of what life might be like for these three girls in the future.

We had a brief incident at the hospital yesterday as we were leaving. Yoli was sitting in a wheelchair holding Josie, while a nurse stood by. They waited for me to bring the car around and come in to the lobby with the car seat. Josie was dressed in two layers of clothes (too big for her tiny body) and a beautiful white blanket made by Maud Lawrence, one of my Nan’s relatives. I came in toting the car seat and two little rolled-up blankets to support Josie’s head. A lady standing nearby came over to tell us that the baby wasn’t dressed warmly enough for the frigid temperature outside. I told this woman that the car itself was warmed up and that there were more blankets inside, but this didn’t assuage her. She began accusing us of child abuse and berating the nurse who was helping us, as her husband stood by quietly. She said she would call security, etc. It blew my mind. In any event, the nurse was kind with us, knew what she was doing, and got Josie installed in the car seat nicely.

What a way to welcome a new baby to the world. And what a wonderful feeling it gave Yoli and I as we prepared to start our new life with this new addition.

Seriously, this lady’s intentions may have been good, but her execution left much to be desired.

It goes without saying that Josie survived the drive home.

New plates

There wasn’t much of a wait at the Ferguson License Office. I was in and out in about 10 minutes. Sweet!

Jadzia got a kick out of seeing me put on the new plates.For the record, I’m not a fan of the new design. What a missed opportunity.

Busy day

My Saturday:

  • Walk to the Ferguson Farmer’s Market.

** Buy veggies & goat brats.

** Girls go to storytime, presented by Ferguson Municipal Library.

** Eat free Mediterranean food from demonstration.

  • Check out liquidation sale at furniture store around the corner.
  • Return with food from market.
  • Drive up to Fiesta in Florissant.

** Look for “Bolivian” food mentioned in newspaper.

*** Fail to find any

** Look for our favorite vendor, Tango, with their Argentine empanadas.

** Watch lots of dances.

  • Take girls home and lay them down for naps.
  • Go to the batting cages and hit 60 pitches.
  • Come home and get ready for work.

Busy weekend, early mornings

Today was a jam-packed day, leading in to a jam-packed next few days.

I woke up early thinking I had an 8 a.m. appointment for a haircut. Turns out it was 9 a.m. But still, that’s pretty early for me. So I went to the barber shop while Yoli and the girls went to Aldi’s. After that, we all met up and walked over to the Ferguson Farmer’s Market where we ate a corndog, two omelettes, and a biscotti.

Then Yoli went to work and I took care of the girls. I had to do some packing. My brother Jonathan is getting married on Sunday night and Jadzia and I are going to fly down to San Antonio for the wedding. But the girls didn’t let me get as much done as I hoped.

Then a coworker called me and asked me to come to work early because she was feeling ill. So I obliged. But I was scheduled for the late shift, so I worked until 12:45 a.m. I still have some packing to do, and I know that my 6:30 a.m. wake-up call ain’t gonna be pretty.

Yoli has also had her hands full, trying to make a dress for Jadzia to wear in the wedding. She basically set out to finish the dress in two nights. All I can say is “wow.”

I used to be a morning person, back in the old days when my mom worked at the cafeteria of my school. But then came college and working late at newspapers.

So I’m definitely not looking forward to yet another even-earlier wake-up call on Monday morning after the wedding, when we drive home with my folks. It’ll probably be 3 or 4 a.m. Yikes.