Birthday crush

We had a mini-celebration for Ludi’s first birthday earlier this week. She turned one on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, late July and so far in August has been a time of hustle and bustle. We were in Houston the two days before Wednesday, staying overnight with our friends the Zanders so that we could do a bunch of paperwork at the Bolivian consulate in that city. Fortunately we completed everything we needed to, and now we are set for our trip to Bolivia at the end of August.

So Wednesday arrived and we knew we wanted to do something for Ludi, since it was her day. We had already settled on a trip to the Whistle Stop, but I thought it would also be fun to go to the Botanical Garden first.

It had been raining, so that scared away a lot people and we got a great parking spot. (This accords well with my “Six Flags Strategy”: Plan your trips to Six Flags on rainy days, that way the lines are short and you get to ride the rides more times.)

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The differences between siblings are a source of neverending amazement and bewilderment. Jadzia has been picky for quite some time. But Ludi? She eats almost anything. These days she is eating a ton … probably a growth spurt.

She can be picky in her own way. If we have oatmeal for her to eat, and we are eating dinner (say, sweet and sour chicken with rice), she won’t eat the oatmeal. She wants to share in whatever we’re taking off our plates and putting into our mouths.

I have to point out, this fills her mom with joy.

Airport-y poopers

I have fond memories of driving to the old plane-watching lot at Missouri Bottom Road and Lindbergh Boulevard. We would sit up on the roof of the car with lots of other families and marvel as the planes roared right over our heads. In fact, this is one of the fun things Yoli and I did together during her first trip to the U.S.

But then came the billion-dollar boondoggle, as I like to call it; or Bridgeton’s Bane, to put a Tolkien-esque spin on it. I am referring to W-1W, the runway expansion plan.

The old plane-watching lot was torn up, major roads were rerouted, and an unnecessary runway and tunnel constructed.

Which brings us to today.

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Ludi speaks — and the world listens

Last week Ludi said her first word. It was “Pa.”

But if I hadn’t been there to hear it myself, I don’t know if that’s how it would have gone down in the record books. 🙂

See, not long after she said “Pa,” she started saying “pa” and “ma” and “mama” all together. Yoli and I were both there are she made these babbling noises. Truth be told, she probably said “ma” a lot more. But the very first word was “Pa.”

I am very pleased.

Revenge of the baby-sat

Any Calvin & Hobbes fans out there? Some of my favorite storylines in that comic involve Calvin’s battles with his babysitter, Rosalyn.

I bring this up because we are fast-approaching a major milestone… For the first time, leaving our girls with a non-family-member babysitter.

It almost goes without saying that I have been looking forward to this for a long time.

I have loved my beautiful baby girls from the day Jadzia first arrived. But I lost a lot of freedom that day. I’ll never be like I was before, that’s certain. But I am really looking forward to being able to take out Yoli for a date every once in a while.

I’m just hoping my girls don’t act like Calvin while we’re away.