International Josh Week

The world is winding down from the tumultous but transcendent celebrations that marked International Josh Week. Here in St. Louis, the festivities were more low-key than usual, but all in all they were good.

The morning of International Josh Day, I got my first present: a new waffle iron. We immediately put it to work. My first attempt was okay, but not breath-taking.

The next day, we tried again. This time, Yoli handled the batter. The waffles turned out much better. Since this was Tuesday, I had the day off, and my parents agreed to watch Jadzia and Ludi. This freed Yoli and I to spend an afternoon together. We decided to tour two institutions that are quintessential to St. Louis: the church and the brewery.

We started at the Cathedral Basilica.

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Back from the hospital

All four of us are now back at Renaud Manor in Ferguson. The hospital stay was nice, but now we’re in for the real grind… The baby is eating, sleeping, pooping, and crying all day long. So far Jadzia has been nice with her, and we haven’t seen any huge problems. Hopefully it will stay that way. It’s good I can be home to tackle Jadzia while Yoli tackles the baby.

Click the link below to see one final video we took at the hospital.

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The newest Renaud

Our newest baby has arrived, and she’s a girl!

Right off the top, let me say that she remains nameless for the moment, but we hope to have settled on a name by the end of today.

Here’s her vitals:

  • Born July 30, at 2:23 a.m.
  • Weighed 7 pounds
  • 20.5 inches long

If you click below to continue reading this entry, you’ll be able to watch a short video of the new baby and read the story of our adventure.

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