Ferguson Northern Lights 2010

This year’s Northern Lights was a lot of fun. We got there early enough for the girls to check out the petting zoo and to decorate a few cookies before the parade. We got a nice spot to watch the parade (while eating hot dogs), then we ate some free cookies and drank hot chocolate, visited with friends and neighbors, made peanut-butter-sandwich reindeers, rode on the train, saw a REAL train rumble past, and watched the tree lighting. There was a bit of whining and complaining along the way, but overall the children (I keep wanting to write “the girls”) did well.

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Northern Lights

This past Sunday, Yoli bravely trekked from our house to Florissant Rd. so the girls could watch Northern Lights, Ferguson’s holiday parade/festival. She did this in spite of the threat of snow.

As she tells it, everything went well until the end. Jadzia was so happy she wanted to stay forever (these days she never wants to come home, anyway, and she always tells us so. She wants to be out and about.) … while Ludi was tired of it and screaming to go home. It was a no-win scenario, to borrow an expression from Star Trek II. Unfortunately, Spock wasn’t there to resolve the scenario for Yoli, so she just went home, and dragged the screaming girls with her.

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