Milestones at Renaud Manor

Some recent development milestones:

  • Jadzia can read and write! Last week she made up some valentines that we mailed out to family and handed to our neighbors. I spelled the names, and she wrote them out.
  • Ludi is singing really well, and she has quite a few songs memorized.
  • Josie is walking, and doing some talking and signing. Best of all, she is sleeping through the night — and she has moved into the girls’ room.

VIDEO: The Reader

We got a stack of books from the library this week, two of which we have read before: “Three by the sea” and “Three up a tree,” both of which are excellent. While we were at the library, I also noticed “Miss Nelson is Back,” another book I remember from my youth, so we added that to the stack.

Ludi doesn’t quite have the patience to sit through “Miss Nelson is Back” when I read it for the girls. But she likes to take all three books and “read” them aloud by herself.

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The readingest girl ever

Jadzia really likes books. She’ll sit through a session of reading 6 books and start crying when we finish because she wants to hear more.

Since Yoli is a librarian, she enrolled Jadzia in a summer reading program where she wins a prize after listening to a certain number of books. It didn’t take but a week or so for her to win her first prize. 🙂