A cupful of yogurt (or two) helps the shopping trip go down

Groceries + girls = grumpy (me).

Well, at times. I enjoy shopping, but I like to do it quickly and peacefully. It’s when the girls act up and get silly that I become upset.

In recent weeks, though, I have seen the power of a special something.

That something is The Sample.

We have traditionally avoided grocery shopping on Friday and Saturday mornings for a few reasons. It’s busy, first of all. But also our schedule is usually tighter on those days because I go in to work a little bit earlier.

But we’ve had three recent excursions to Schnuck’s and Dierberg’s where samples were plentiful. Boy did the girls enjoy that.

A few “raw milk” cheese cubes here, a couple cups of yogurt there, a sip of sugar-free white honeysuckle tea here, a nibble of bread there = girls occupied, not bored.

The only downside I can see is that just like with toys, the girls can quickly become jaded. Thankfulness can be replaced by a sense of entitlement and expectation.

One of the ways we try to combat stuff like that is to deprive the girls. You know, spread out visits to restaurants, or limit the time and type of movies they watch.

So maybe just a sample day once a month will help the medicine go down. We’ll see.