The space explorers meet the Borg

Borg and waffles

On nights when I am home from work, I tell the kids stories before bed. Because they are divided among two rooms, I usually tell two stories.

The first story is for Josie and Joseph, and usually involves me making up something about the two of them as “space explorers,” visiting new planets or meeting aliens or trying to escape from black holes.

The second story is for Jadzia and Ludi, who prefer to have an improv-style story in which they each pick a character for the story (like “a good dragon” and “a bad lamp”) and I have to make up the rest.

Occasionally, though, the older girls will overhear the younger kids’ story and ask me to repeat it for them. Tonight was one such night.

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Star Trek requires a lot of explanation

Yesterday was my birthday. It was a busy day. In the morning I …

  • Dropped Jadzia off at preschool
  • Took Ludi with me for my chiropractor appointment
  • Came back to preschool to watch Jadzia’s class perform a “play” about a pumpkin.

While we were waiting for lunch, I decided to watch a Star Trek episode (since it was my birthday) and let the girls see it.

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