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Throughout my school years, I always loved to write stories. I began writing in second grade, mostly about me and my friends being the principals of schools.

In junior high, I began writing much longer stories, particularly with with my SRE Text Series, based on the online BBS door game "Solar Realms Elite." This was, and still is, the longest story concept I have ever developed. The original series had around fifteen installments. I also wrote lots of sci-fi, including several Star Trek stories.

By 10th and 11th grade, I had stopped writing long series, and instead wrote individual short stories, mostly because we had to keep daily writing journals in classes like Writing II and Creative Writing. The focus of my stories was to be weird, though, honestly, that's always kinda been my theme.

My senior year, I wrote a lot of articles for the newspaper. I also wrote more poetry in my senior year than I ever had before. I experimented with lyric writing, doing one song that I recorded with a friend.

My freshman year at UMSL, I joined The Current, the student newspaper as a reporter. I wrote one news story a week, and I really enjoyed the work. In other classes, I wrote speeches and different types of papers.

During Year Two of UMSL, I wrote a couple news stories, guest commentaries, and music reviews for the newspaper. I also took an excellent short story class and a great feature writing class, so I learned a lot. I've continued to write poems every so often.

I became the editor-in-chief of The Current during Year Three. I wrote a weekly column, which I enjoyed, as well as a slew of news stories. I also did a lot of "business" writing--memos, detailed proposals, business plans, letters, etc. I wrote a Production Manual and a Staff Policy Manual for The Current, as well. (The 85 articles I wrote during my three years at The Current are now online! Click the links at the left to check them out.)

Decades later, reading these old stories and poems makes me laugh or feel embarrassed, but I keep them here because they are a part of me and my life. They reflect the various ways I felt or thought over time; I can see how I have grown, changed, and matured. What I once considered excellent work, I can now see wasn't so great. But it's all me. So I will continue reading them and using them to remember the past.

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